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Breastfeeding What To Expect Mini Course

Are you interested in breastfeeding but have no idea where to start?


Or maybe you breastfed before but want to know what has changed and how to get off on the right foot (or boob)!

In this 6 video course, mamas will...

  • Understand the myths and misconceptions about breastfeeding.

  • Know how to start breastfeeding off confidently in the first days and weeks.

  • Learn how to properly latch your baby.

  • Understand what actually affects milk supply and how to increase it.

  • Learn about different pumps styles and how to safely store pumped milk.

  • Recognize common breastfeeding problems and know how to handle them.

Breastfeeding What To Expect Mini Course

  • Once you purchase the course, you will receive an email with a form to fill out. Once you fill out this form, you will be sent log in information to the course.

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